United Kingdom Credit Forum (UKCF)

UKCF’s focus is on developments in the higher education sector pertaining to the awarding of credit, credit transfer, the operation of modular frameworks and their underpinning regulation.  The Forum is jointly run by NUCCAT and SEEC and members include representatives from ARC, CRA, HEA and Jisc as well as experienced credit practitioners.  Participation provides an opportunity to influence national, European and other international developments in credit accumulation and transfer.

UKCF was founded in 2006, bringing together representatives of organisations in the UK with a common interest in credit practice and the development and application of credit and qualification frameworks.  The Forum extended the scope of the earlier England, Wales and Northern Ireland (EWNI) Credit Forum which was established as a formal entity following informal meetings of the chairs of credit consortia dating back to 1998.  The UKCF was chaired by founder Prof Paul Bridges MBE until his retirement in 2013 and is currently chaired jointly by SEEC and NUCCAT representatives.

In 2017, UKCF published the report of its latest survey – Aspects of credit practice in English and Welsh universities (2017) – completed by 50 institutions.  Edited by Mark Atlay and Wayne Turnbull on behalf of the Forum, the report is now available.  A summary of its recommendations can be downloaded here: UKCF report executive summary and the conclusions are discussed in this Wonkhe blog post.  Please contact SEEC (avgarrod@seec.org.uk) or NUCCAT (see below) if you would like a copy of the full report and we will be happy to send one to you free of charge.

Meetings of the UKCF Executive are held annually and administered by the NUCCAT Secretariat who can be contacted on nuccat@shu.ac.uk .