Membership of SEEC has always been open to universities, other HE providers, professional bodies, and individuals with interests in the field and practice of academic credit.  From now on, membership of UALL will be the route to join us, although we welcome engagement from all practicioners.

Membership benefits you and your institution by:

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SEEC Credit Level Descriptors

These remain the most detailed and widely used descriptors for assessing levels of academic learning, and membership of SEEC gives direct access to experienced credit practitioners in their use. First published in 2010 and to be re-issued in 2021, the current Descriptors can be downloaded here

A new set of case studies demonstrating the application of the Descriptors in a range of contexts was published in 2019 and is available for free download here.

Publications and Resources

SEEC has produced sector-leading publications on the use of credit, often as a direct output from one of our events.  We invite and encourage contributions to these and to other projects relevant to credit practice.

Professional Developments Events

SEEC’s programme of events is organised in direct response to topical issues in credit-related learning, offering an independent perspective and a focus on practice and policy implications. Members benefit from discounted registration fees and have exclusive access to event outputs including presentation summaries and video footage, providing excellent value for key professional development.

Past events have included:

Links with External Bodies

SEEC actively maintains collaborative links with a number of other related organisations, ensuring that members are kept abreast of sector-wide developments.


If you are interested in joining us please contact UALL.


If you are interested in the power of learning to enhance and transform individual lives, working practices and wider society, then you should be interested in credit. Despite the basic architecture for credit recognition being available for many years, there are still significant barriers to its coherent implementation which limit access to higher education. SEEC has a mission to promote learning opportunity through credit and operates as a source of expertise and a focus for the development of best practice towards the achievement of this goal.

Prof Darryll Bravenboer PFHEA, Director of Apprenticeships and Skills, Middlesex University

Being a member of SEEC is incredibly valuable for the OU. We do a huge amount of credit transfer and are often seen as leaders in the field but there is still so much to be done in the sector to get a level playing field for learners. Joining our voice with other like-minded institutions enables us to get more public attention on the benefits of credit recognition than we ever could alone.

Dr Liz Marr, Director of Teaching, Learning and Teaching Innovation, The Open University